* * Anonymous Doc: Valentine's Day, or I Hope No One's Heart Stops Beating

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day, or I Hope No One's Heart Stops Beating

In the comments the other day, there was some discussion of my personal life. And what better day than Valentine's Day to address that in a post.

Except I didn't post yesterday, so maybe that tells you something.

Or maybe it doesn't. See, if I were to tell you, say, that I was dating a cardiology fellow who didn't know about this blog, that would be a silly thing to reveal.

So I'm not going to reveal anything about that. At least not today.

Instead, how about a post about patients who think they're at a flea market when they come to their doctor's appointment.

"You prescribed me two pain pills a day, I want three."

"The dosage is two."

"I need three. You should give me three."

"I'm not giving you three."

"Then how about allergy medicine?"

"Do you have allergies?"

"Yes, I have allergies. I need allergy medication. And my friend has an itch cream. Will you prescribe me an itch cream?"

"For what?"

"And do you have samples of anything? Can you throw in some samples? Maybe you have some samples I can try."

"I don't have any samples of anything to give you."

"So I'm getting the pain pills, the allergy medicine, the itch cream-- can you throw in anything else?"


"What if I don't take the itch cream? Is there something I can get instead?"


"Can I get another appointment?"


"I don't know."


"What about some latex gloves? Can I get a box of those?"


  1. I am going to put on my thinking hat.

    So, you are dating someone who is in the medical profession, but you are not in love with her (or he?). That's why you didn't post on Valentine's Day. And you are not revealing anything about your personal life because she knows about the blog, and will hunt you down if you say anything about her.

    And way to address my question in a loopy manner.

  2. Hope it was a good day for you, though! Exciting :o)

  3. I agree with what anon said:
    Your love story is quiet complicated though your dating someone. Is it true that if you state your personal life talking about your partner(the girl) will really hunt you? I hope she will not do that.

  4. Hope you will be okey soon. It's just trial on a relationship but if you feel like giving up just always follow your heart .