* * Anonymous Doc: No more fast food, except twice a day

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

No more fast food, except twice a day

Patient note: one year ago

Counseled pt on weight loss. He expressed desire to lose weight, said he would stop eating fast food, exercise, consider Weight Watchers and aim to lose 30 pounds. Gave him referral to nutritionist. Pt was motivated, realistic about difficulty of changing habits.

I see the patient again today.

He has gained 35 pounds over the past year.

"Yeah, yeah, the diet lasted like three days. Sorry, doc."

"Don't apologize to me-- apologize to your future self. It's your health I'm concerned about."

"Well, there's been one good thing about the weight gain though."


"My brother did, uh, gastric bypass a few months ago. So now he wears my old clothes, and I wear his. It's awesome."

"It's not that awesome."

"I have a whole new wardrobe."

"You really need to lose weight."

"I gave him my old clothes. I can't afford new ones."

"You really need to lose weight."

"I'll stop eating McDonalds for breakfast."

"What do you eat for lunch and dinner?"


"That's the problem."

"Not breakfast?"

"That's the problem too."


  1. So he can't afford new clothes, but can buy McDonald's twice a day. Can't argue with ignorance.

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