* * Anonymous Doc: November 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013

Break in the action

"I know who you are."


"We know about your blog.  I think we'd prefer you stop posting for a while.  Not that there's necessarily anything revealing about what we've read -- I think it's the attitude more than the specifics, if that makes any sense.  And we know it's stylized for the blog, and different from you the person, but still.  We're not going to force you, and we're definitely not all on the same page about this, but if you wouldn't mind, maybe stop for a bit, if that's okay?"

Apologies for not sharing that news sooner, but I wanted it to settle for a bit.  I've been continuing to write, privately.  And maybe there's a way to share that more wisely, here or elsewhere.  And maybe there's a way to adjust what I've been writing here -- I'm having a conversation later this month about that, so there may be new posts then.  And maybe sooner, depending.  But for now, there's this post, until I take it down, which may be soon.  I don't know.