* * Anonymous Doc: Hiccups

Sunday, February 5, 2012


There's a patient who's had a bunch of complications in his care, side effects, unexpected setbacks, an underlying issue he came in with but wasn't discovered right away. Nothing that's necessarily anyone's fault, but still very frustrating for him and for his doctors. I go in to see him this morning.

"Doctor, I want to ask you: why have I had so many hiccups?"

"Well, you know, every patient is complicated, and even the right treatment doesn't always work out perfectly. But I think we've been able to get ahead of the problems now, and we see a path toward recovery. So, the road has been long, but we're getting there."

"No, doctor, I meant why have I had the hiccups for the past day?"

"Actual hiccups?"


"Oh. I don't know."


  1. oddly enough, my dad had intractible hiccups while taking prednisone. Didn't stop till he got off prednisone...you can get pretty sore in a just a couple days just w/ hiccups. ~A.W.

  2. Hiccups. Proof-positive there is no god. 'Cause, I mean, what the fuck?