* * Anonymous Doc: Cuddly

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Clinic patient. New to me. Looking at past notes.

"Male, 45, cuddly."

Excuse me?

I go in to see him.

Cuddly would not be the word I would use...

But I suppose it puts a more positive spin on "obese"



  1. If obese people make you think "euewwww" and "ick" then you have no business being "A Doc 2 Be". Ewwww.

  2. lol - w/e... yes, snuggling up to an obese person makes me think "eueew" and I have every business being a doc 2 be... just like you should continue to hide behind anonymous.

  3. BTW, I also have the same thoughts about Angelina Jolie and snuggling up to her, or any man like her - eueewwww.