* * Anonymous Doc: Wouldn't Birth Control Be Easier?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wouldn't Birth Control Be Easier?

"Are you sexually active?"

"Well, uh... I guess...."

"With men or with women?"


"And what kind of birth control do you use?"

"Uh... I don't really like... I don't like taking pills, and the other stuff I always forget."

"Well, you really should be using some form of birth control, unless you're trying to get pregnant."

"Oh, no, I'm not trying. No, definitely not."

"And you've been having unprotected sex, but you haven't gotten pregnant?"

"Oh, no, I've been pregnant. Absolutely."


"I've had abortions."

"More than one?"

"Yes, yes, definitely."

"How many abortions have you had?"

"Oh, uh, let me count... um, fifteen, I think. No, sixteen."

"That is a large number of abortions. I think birth control would probably be easier."

"I really don't want to deal with any of that stuff..."

"Also, condoms would go a long way toward helping to prevent disease..."

"Trust me, I've had all the diseases. I can handle them."

"You're not doing yourself and your body any favors..."

"Look, doc, I came here for allergy medication, not for a lecture about condoms."


  1. This is where I fearlessly start ranting at the patient. If she doesn't like it, too damn bad. Not to mention that if she ever DOES want to get pregnant, after this many abortions she may well be infertile.

  2. She seems good at remembering to keep abortion appointments. Maybe she can remember to get to a ten-minute appointment to have the implant.

  3. Ironically, people like her are the reason abortion should be legal. Do you really want someone like her raising a kid?

  4. My guess is that, after 15 abortions, her ability to conceive a child is significantly reduced so she's not too worried about birth control. But for the sake of her sexual partners she should be using condoms. Eww.

  5. This is why sexually active men not in a committed relationship who do not want their partner to become pregnant should also be responsible for their own birth control, even if the woman says "don't worry about it".

  6. I'm sorry but people that use abortion as a form of birth control make me SICK!!!

  7. Its not easy in few countries and in other are understanding better so there is birth controlling easily. In some countries birth rate is very high.and a child do get proper food and treatment in his home. then many many issues are creating like health problem, heart decease etc. some are by birth they have heart issues then they need Heart Transplantation surgery to resolve it. to control birth rate then people can understand the fact then it is controlled else never control.