* * Anonymous Doc: When I spin around, I get dizzy

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

When I spin around, I get dizzy

"Doctor, I'm really concerned about these dizzy spells."

"How often are they happening?"

"Whenever I spin around and around, really fast."

"Why are you spinning around really fast?"

"Because it's fun."

"It's normal to get dizzy from spinning yourself around and around. You should stop doing that."

"I don't want to."

"Then you're going to get dizzy. It's not a medical problem. What else?"

"I get hungry in the morning if I don't eat."

"Also not a medical problem. Eat breakfast."

"I don't like breakfast foods."

"Then eat lunch foods, in the morning."

"That's ridiculous."

"It's not a medical problem."

"Also, last week I passed away."


"I passed away. Multiple times."

"What do you think passed away means?"

"I fell down and didn't remember what happened."

"You passed out, not passed away."

"Same thing."

"Did this happen after you didn't eat?"

"Yes. And after I spun myself around and around."

"You should stop doing that. And you should eat. You have no medical problems."

"Then why did I come see a doctor?"

"I have no idea."


  1. Please tell me this patient was 10. Or that you were being Punk'd.

  2. You doctors do not have it easy :)

  3. Sounds like this person needs a different kind of doctor.

  4. That was laugh out loud funny. I would ask her to not eat breakfast and then have her come to the office to spin around in a room filled with hard objects with sharp corners then have her keep passing out until she passed away. That would be a RIOT... [/sarcasm]

    Very funny, doc.