* * Anonymous Doc: Patient in the closet

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Patient in the closet


There was a smell coming from one of the supply closets.

We send a Nurse's Aide to go check it out.

A homeless patient we discharged last week is living there.

Has been for a week.

Guess no one needed any supplies.

He's been going to the bathroom in there too.

He started yelling that he didn't want to use the regular bathroom because it's dirty.

He's right.


  1. of all your posts, i find this the hardest to believe occurring in a modern hospital

  2. woooow... Is that the real patient? I dont know how if she/he had time for such thing...

  3. This IS pretty unbelievable....unbelievably disturbing.

  4. Haaaha. We had a transient living on the lower floor of our hospital for over a week! Kind of scary that no one notices.