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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yesterday's post, continued.

"I don't want to confuse the patients."

"By calling yourself a doctor when you're not, you're confusing the patients."

"I'm wearing a white coat. They think I'm a doctor. I don't know what the big deal is."

"The big deal is that you're not a doctor. And you're not the person who they should think is in charge of their care. You're absolutely an important part of the team. But you're still learning."

"You know I'm smarter than [the intern]."

"You have a very high opinion of yourself. That can be good, but it can also be dangerous."

"I don't think I should have to apologize for knowing things. I feel like the surgeons told me this would be how it is in medicine. It's why I'm not going into medicine. In surgery they make decisions. They do things."

"It's important to do the right thing for the patient, to figure out the problem and not just jump to conclusions."

"I guess we just do things differently."

"And on my team, you need to do things my way. Which means not telling patients you're a doctor, and not trying to be in charge. I told you on the first day-- you can all get a good evaluation from me. I'm not judging you against each other. Medicine is not a competition."

"Another thing I like better about surgery."

"I don't think surgery is supposed to be a competition either."

"It is."

"Well, whatever it is over there, over here we need to work as a team. I don't want you seeing patients on your own anymore. Shadow [the intern] for a few days and she can assign you which notes to write. I don't want to have this conversation again. We have seven more days on this rotation, and I think we can get through them without any problems."

"I actually only have five more days."


"I'm going to a wedding this weekend. I was going to tell you."

"We're scheduled to be on both days this weekend."

"Yeah, I'm not going to be here."

"Okay. You know what, that's fine."

"You want me to take on some extra responsibilities to make up for it?"

"Nope. It's fine."

"Great. Can I leave early today?"

"You can leave early every day."



  1. What do you call the guy who finished last in his class in med school? Doctor.

  2. His chances at a good evaluation: http://bit.ly/rtooyx

  3. Wow, he needs a dose of reality. BTW, I love your blog anondoc! I can't believe I didn't know it existed until a week ago. I blame APotential.

  4. Lying, exceeding scope of practice, sassing his resident, ignoring the schedule... I see a great future for this guy.

  5. Okay, nevermind. I rescind my earlier comments. This guy's just a dick.

  6. I'm a pretty damn good with patience, but I don't know how you managed to remain so professional instead of socking this douche in the jaw, man.

  7. Where does this guy get off? Does he think he's funny or something?

  8. I wouldn't merely give him a bad evaluation. I'd let the program manager know what is going on. His hubris, lack of respect, and cavalier attitude for the rules of medicine are going to wind up hurting a patient some day.

    THis sounds like a classic example of the arrogance of ignorance. He doesn't know how much he doesn't know. He knows just enough to be dangerous.

    I wouldn't want to be the one responsible for his actions.

  9. I'm a Dr. and I don't even introduce myself as doctor, because it's the wrong type of doctor. Hell my nametag doesn't even have PhD on it, just to make sure not to confuse the patients. I introduce myself as Mr. and a med student. Sounds like some asshats in my class. I can really see them doing that.

  10. I'm pretty sure that, much like a teenager in high school, this person is making up most of these stories to sound cool. I also sincerely hope that this is the case, otherwise this person is a serious safety hazard for patient wellbeing.

  11. Just found your blog. Can't believe another MS3 has that much gall. Hope you failed him/her.

  12. I bet he gets enough sleep, has a girlfriend, and is doing just fine. He seems to have no problem standing up for himself and doesn't have time for wishy washy, so-called doctors who let themselves be taken advantage of.

    Take some notes, AD...