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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This is probably not a story I should be sharing. I had a clinic patient yesterday who I knew-- I was his doctor three weeks ago when he was an inpatient. It was not a good couple of days when he was on my service. We were at capacity, there were rapid responses all over the place... in any case...

"Oh, I really like you, doctor. You really listen."

"Thank you so much. That means a lot."

"When I was in the hospital a few weeks ago, I had a doctor who didn't listen at all."


"Do you know Dr. [Me]? I would never want him as my doctor. I want you to be my doctor instead."

"I was your doctor in the hospital. I'm Dr. [Me]."

"No, it must have been someone else. I did not like Dr. [Me]."

"Dr. [Me] is me."

"Are you sure there isn't someone else with your name?"

"No, I remember you. You were my patient. And I'm glad you're feeling better, and sorry you don't feel like I was listening as well as I could have been. It's not an excuse, but it was a tough week when you were here."

"No, it definitely wasn't you. You should keep your eye out for Dr. [Me]. I hope you don't have to work with him."

"I hope I don't have to work with him either."

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