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Sunday, April 3, 2011

OK, will try to get to some of the post requests today. Will dispose of some of the easy ones in one post now, and then get to some of the others in separate posts later or during the week.

WarmSocks (4/1, 12:38). Macrophages and the behavior of white cells? Really? I think you'd be better off reading your immunology book or asking some of your classmates to explain it. Haven't really talked about, uh, I guess it would be the pathophysiology of immunology, since med school. If a patient asked the question, I think I would either say I'd get back to her and do a Google search, or-- hey, even better-- I'd send the med student in to answer. If it was a good med student. Maybe.

Natalie (4/1, 5:38). Things people bring or smuggle in. Food. All sorts of food. Scroll down a bit for the person who almost killed their family member with a ice cream. Here. Also there's a post from a long time ago about a guy who was hiding his naked girlfriend in the hospital bed while the doctors came in to check on him. Here. And a story that was posted about thinking someone had smuggled in alcohol but really he had eaten the hand sanitizer. Here. The one thing hardly anyone thinks to bring are their medication bottles, which would be useful.

Anonymous (3/31, 11:16). Don't know that there's hidden resentment between doctors and nurses. Resentment isn't the right word. When residents hang out with residents, frustrations with less-than-awesome nurses are a topic, but I'm sure that when nurses hang out with nurses, frustrations with less-than-awesome residents are a topic. Nurses do very unglamourous work. I would not want to be a nurse. And re: clandestine hospital relationships, there's flirting sometimes but not sure there's anything to write a post about.

Sonja (3/30, 9:12). Pain sheets. Hmmm, maybe I'll play around with Microsoft Paint, I'll see what I can do.

Sufu (3/31, 4:40). Will read the Hyperbole post and see if it inspires anything.

Jeremiah (3/31, 6:58). A bunch of posts about med students if you scroll through the archives. Here, try this one, with the follow up here.

Which leaves a few posts I'll try to write-- ancillary staff (honeygold), best and worst (anon), how people maintain relationships (anon), 10 things I wish I knew beforehand (anon), discussion with pre-med version of self (anon) [and the last two are probably one post since they're asking basically the same thing].


  1. maybe to late now but got a question, how would you feel if your medical students were coming to the wards at 20ish ie not long out of high school as is common place in the UK as apose to your system where they are college graduates.

  2. yeah i agree about the nurse/doc tension being exaggerated at times..every one has bad days and there are times we don't get along with our own colleagues (residents from different teams, RN vs.LPN)..just like any other workplace..

  3. As far as bringing med bottles -- when I was hospitalized last September, I did exactly that, only to have them confiscated and never returned. Lots of money tied up in them there meds. And I will never do THAT again!

  4. I've googled macrophages but didn't find a good explanation (quite a few bad ones, though). Maybe I'll put an immunology text on my Christmas list, if that's what it will take to figure this out.

  5. WarmSocks: I'd recommend Kuby Immunology, which is aimed at undergrads. I actually preferred it to the veterinary immunology text we used in vet school. Haven't read the latest edition of Kuby, though.