* * Anonymous Doc: World's Worst Clinic Patient

Monday, December 27, 2010

World's Worst Clinic Patient

Thought I'd try something new, just for fun. I made a video about a typical experience in clinic. Check it out.


  1. very amusing, but what about the poor half naked guy on the table??

  2. I was laughing out loud at the first line... there were some other funny bits too. Toward the end you're expecting humor but you get shock. None of the "i can't remember how long I've had this" jokes worked for me. I can see through them to your underlying experience with people's terrible memories (I have to use a spreadsheet to keep track of symptoms myself), but I can't imagine a real person not knowing whether it's been a week or their whole life. But I hope you get the video software working again because you do great dialogue-to-humor translation on your blog so it would be great to get it working in the video medium.

  3. Wow, that was hilarious. I feel really sorry for you dude.