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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Doctor, quick question-- I was having a debate with some of the other nurses. When we give [certain drug we give many patients every day], does it make the blood pressure go up or go down?"

"Down. You really didn't notice that?"

"Oh, no. I never really paid attention."

"Oh. Well, it's down."

"And you call that lowering the blood pressure, not raising it, right?"



"Did you win the debate?"




  1. Maybe in a hospital it's different, but in day to day life "lowering your blood pressure" is always good and "raising your blood pressure" means stressful. So I wouldn't get those two mixed up easily.

  2. Holy cow. I'm a nurse, and I wouldn't give a medication if I didn't know what it did. Nor would any of my coworkers. Geez.

  3. Yeah, I really wish I knew what hospital you were working at, because that's embarassing. I'm a nurse, and I would never give a med without knowing what it is supposed to do and what it could possibly end up doing (side effects, etc.). Scary.