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Friday, December 24, 2010

A friend sent me a link to a column in this week's New York Times called Social Q's, where people ask advice. He wanted a doctor's opinion as to the following Q&A:
I was expecting a dear friend for the weekend. She’s been wrestling a cold for months, and is the type who works and socializes even if she’s not feeling well. Knowing that she would visit even if she were sick, I suggested that she come another time. She didn’t take my suggestion very well. But wouldn’t it have been more respectful of her to stay home and not risk spreading her cold?

Shana, New York City

The answer in the column talks about trying not to hurt her feelings, apologizing, and asking if she can pick another weekend because you can't afford to get sick right now.

Except the answer ignores the bigger issue. Your friend has a cold for months? Um, maybe your friend should see a physician. Because your friend has HIV. Or lymphoma. Or something. Maybe. It's a pretty ridiculous advice column if the advice in this case isn't to see a doctor.

I eagerly await next week's column. "I have a friend who's bleeding from the head. I have white carpet. What should I do?"

Oh, and Merry Christmas. Mine won't be so merry. I'm working all weekend. But at least there's a tree in the lobby.


  1. Or allergies or asthma or sinusitis. You're kind of heavy on the 'deadly' end of the spectrum in your post.

    The worst thing for the allergic and asthmatic is we always sound terribly contagious when we are not.


  2. I know you aren't excited to be stuck at work this weekend, but I hope it is as good as it can be.

  3. I love your sense of humor...."friend bleeding from head...white carpet...." ROFLMAO!

    Sorry, I have a sick sense of humor.....growing up in a medical family and all.....

  4. This sounds like my philosophy class. Someone has kleptomania, are they responsible for their actions?
    Well why aren't they getting help for that in the first place?