* * Anonymous Doc: Nurse, This Patient Is Dead

Friday, December 31, 2010

Nurse, This Patient Is Dead

Another attempt at a video. This one is somewhat more bizarre than the previous one. That may not have been the correct direction in which to go. Apologies to nurses, who are generally not like this one.


  1. I'm really really really hoping you made most of that up. If not i'm going to start crying for you.

  2. OK, so you are a total goofball. I really wonder what your patients thing of you!

  3. 2 things:

    1) Do you really hate nurses this much?
    2) The nurses can't be THAT stupid

    and 2.5) Sometimes you're a little offensive to nurses and by sometimes I mean I just started reading your blog and in a lot of your blog posts you just talk down about them. Take a step back and remember its a team.

  4. Last 20 seconds were hilarious. Great build up to that ending.

  5. I laughed a lot in this one -- will definitely watch more if you make them! Again I liked the jokes that seem more plausible ("that machine wasn't beeping, so I figured it wasn't important") more than the not-normal ones like "I think CAT scans resurrect the dead."

    I like the doctor's deadpan insults: "It never looks like you are working." because I can identify with wanting to say them.

    I loved how the nurse's crazy and klepto personality was established and then built up to "I'mma hit you with this kidney!"

    I laughed at the nurse's boss having the same defense as her -- on break. And that made the callback at the end work really well. This one's a diamond in the rough and you're only gonna get better.

  6. She is on break. Forever.
    I love these videos!