* * Anonymous Doc: Seeing Patients Is For Losers

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Seeing Patients Is For Losers

"So, have you thought about what you want to do after fellowship?"

"Of course it depends on the jobs that are out there... but I think I want to find something that's mostly outpatient."

"Like, private practice?"

"Yeah, maybe."

"Ugh.  So you just want be a... clinician?"

"I find it more satisfying than inpatient-- you get to form actual relationships with your patients when they're not acutely ill...."

"No research?"

"I'm not opposed to research.  I just don't know that I'm passionate about it."

"So you really just want to see patients... in an office...?  That's so, I don't know... unambitious.  That's really why you went to medical school?"

"I guess so, yeah."

"Ugh.  Seeing patients is so annoying.  I can't believe that's really what you want to waste your time doing."

"I don't think it's so completely a waste."

"You know what I mean."

"Sort of."

"Well, whatever, I guess if I hear of anything ridiculous like that, anyone looking, I'll send you an e-mail."


"You do realize we're probably hiring a whole bunch of people to do inpatient hospitalist stuff, right?  Mixed with research and some teaching?"

"Yeah, I heard about that."

"And you'd rather see patients."

"I think so, yeah."

"Whatever, it's your life."


  1. Dear heavens. Seeing patients is the best part!

  2. WTF??? What's wrong with clinical work? What is wrong with this person? *headdesk*

  3. We get an informal variant of this at the University: teaching students is for losers. Research, now thats where the glory is.

  4. It's so icky being around human beings, that's for the lower class of doctors. ;)

  5. Hey. I'm glad the guy above isn't seeing patients in clinic. Because I would hate to be his patient. Just saying.

    I think clinic doctors are amazing. They have a special calling to keep track of people long-term and to help patients who live out in the real world whenever they're not in the clinic for an appointment. That's pretty impressive if you ask me.


  6. All the nurses on my floor keep telling me that "bedside nursing is nobody's thing". Funny it happens with every profession. I guess nobody likes people anymore.