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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

When Residents Get Pregnant

Okay, guess what? If you're around doctors all day, and you're pregnant, even if you think you're keeping it a secret, IT'S NOT A SECRET.

I have a co-resident who has spent the past two weeks thinking she hasn't been announcing her pregnancy in big flashing neon lights.

"Oh, I'm so tired!"

"Oh, my acid reflux is really acting up!"

"Oh, it smells terrible in here!"

"Oh, I'm sorry I keep running to the bathroom-- must be something I ate!"

"Oh, no, I've given up drinking for lent!"

"Oh, I have this doctor's appointment next week I really can't miss, so I need someone to switch shifts with me. What kind of doctor? Oh, you know, the regular kind!"

And no one wants to be the person who says, hey, it's okay, you can stop pretending-- we know. Everyone knows. The patients probably know by now. You're pregnant, fine, big deal, congratulations.

Instead, we're all walking on eggshells around here, no one acknowledging the very obvious and perhaps soon to be large elephant in the room.

It's not that I care if she's pregnant or not.

But it's always nice to have something to talk about.


  1. Some people don't like talking about their pregnancy early on because they may still lose the child and prefer to do so without it becoming a public event.

  2. So true Petulant skeptic but to medics its bleeding obvious once someone starts to show symptoms of anything so you kinda just have to tell sooner than the general public or you become the topic of gossip!

    Anonymous - You dont think its another residents baby do you - hence she doesnt want people to no....god that makes me sound like the ward gossip

  3. Also, there is the unspoken mantra that thou shalt not conceive while in med school or residency, right? She is probably not afraid of her pregnancy ending but of indirect retribution for violating the sacred residency "rules" ...

  4. Sorry you find it so annoying. Most people don't announce their pregnancies until the 2nd trimester (at least -- I waited until week 21) because there's a decent chance of miscarriage, but she's probably really excited and having a hard time containing herself. Try to be understanding.

  5. lol a couple of years ago, a co-resident claimed she "gave up" caffeine for a new year's resolution. I called BS, no resident "gives up" caffeine. She THOUGHT she may have been pregnant. LOL

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