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Monday, November 7, 2011

I have a new clinic patient who has high cholesterol, is overweight, high blood pressure, diabetes. I asked him what his job is. He runs an ice cream cart. This is not my first patient who deals with ice cream for a living. I didn't realize there are so many people in the ice cream business, and how it (predictably) affects their health.

"And do you eat the ice cream?"

"No, not really."

"You sure? You can tell me if you do."

"No, no, I know it's not healthy for me. I try not to eat it."

"What do you eat, most days?"

"Oh, not the ice cream. It's not healthy."

"I know. You said that. So what do you eat instead?"

"I get food."

"Yes, sure. What kind of food?"

"Me and the other food carts, we trade."


"So usually a hot dog, pretzel, some, uh, funnel cake."

"Those are also not so healthy, unfortunately."

"I like the corn dog on a stick."

"Yes, not healthy."

"But better than the ice cream."

"I'm not really sure about that."

"I sometimes eat the cotton candy. Is that healthy?"


"The, uh, hot dog without bun?"

"Not so much."

"What cart should I eat from?"

"Maybe you could bring lunch?"

"I thought of that. But I have nowhere to keep lunch cold."

"What about in the ice cream freezer?"

"Oh. Oh, wow. I never thought of that."


  1. It has been a few years since I worked in the food industry, but I'm pretty sure it is still illegal for an employee to put personal belongings, especially his home made lunch, in the same storage container as food being sold to the public.

    - KrisW

  2. The hot dog without the bun is the healthiest thing in the list. Let's shoot for low carb there, doc...might cure all this guy's problems.