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Thursday, November 24, 2011

I am thankful for...

--The turkey in the call room, or at least the idea of it, because in reality it sort of sucks.

--The fact that I'm not the only one stuck here working tonight.

--Respiratory masks, so I don't get pneumonia.

--Sleep, or the promise of it, eventually, someday.

--Not being an alcoholic or drug addict.

--The patients who say thank you, or seem like they're thinking it even if they don't actually say the words.

--Only having to carry three pagers instead of four, because it's a holiday.

--The excellent blind date I went on last week.

--My own health, and the health of family and friends.

--The confidence that I will almost definitely be able to pay off my student loans eventually, even if it's hard to think so many decades into the future.

--Blog readers, even if they're calling each other horrible people in the comments (and I'm intending to write some thoughts on that comment thread from Nov. 14th, but not today).

--Wounds that heal.

--The Bridesmaids DVD that someone left in the DVD player in the call room.

--Less than two dozen overnight shifts left in my residency.

--Wireless internet, as a general concept, even if it doesn't work in most of the building.


  1. thank you for posting insightful looks into a world i know very little about. this is still one of my favorite blogs :)

  2. Glad you hear you had an excellent blind date!

  3. We can really find a lot to thank about if we just look around. Actually, even if you're not looking for something to thank for, you'll find a lot just by taking your focus away from negative things. Thanks for putting this up. It reminded me of that fact. :D
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