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Monday, May 16, 2011

I saw the movie Bridesmaids with some fellow residents last night. Our discussion topics after the movie (minor spoilers below):

-- So, the food poisoning. What do we think, e.coli? C. perfringens? How long was the trip from the restaurant to the bridal store? Did we see any blood in the stool? I feel like we didn't get enough of a closeup to see the consistency, or if there was mucus in the vomit or not.

-- Biggest unanswered question of the film-- what drug did she take when she was on the plane, and how many milligrams?

-- Or did her freak-out on the plane have nothing to do with the pills, and it was in fact untreated syphilis from her sex with Jon Hamm that led to mental illness?

-- Seriously, no screening at all for STDs? The cop especially should be more responsible than that.

-- They think the bridal store scene was messy, what about three hours after everyone dipped their fingers into the chocolate fountain? That was hepatitis waiting to happen. They're lucky she dumped the whole thing over.

-- How old were most of these women? Half the cast was pushing 40-- it's not like they're doctors, why are they just starting their adult lives at 38 years old? Are we sure the mood swings and incontinence weren't actually symptoms of early menopause?

-- The British woman and her infected tattoo-- they just dropped that storyline completely. What happened? Did the infection spread? Did she ever seek help? What did the medical bills look like, since she didn't have a job, and (presumably) no insurance?

-- And speaking of health insurance, Kristen Wiig's character-- she was self-employed, then worked in a jewelry store, then unemployed-- what was her health insurance situation like, and did that play a part in her failure to visit a doctor for either the food poisoning issue, the anxiety related to flying, or her possible STDs from sleeping with multiple partners? Might she have sought help from a mental health professional if she had comprehensive health coverage and a low co-pay?


  1. re tv representations of the medical practice, check out this snippet from the tv show 'supernatural': http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzPDEirVTZk&feature=youtu.be

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