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Saturday, March 12, 2011

You read about the possibility that a patient can vomit up their own feces, but you don't really believe it until you see it for yourself.

Today, I saw it.

And believe me, it's something you don't want to see.

Thanks, surgical service, for dragging your feet on agreeing to take the patient, long enough for his problem to go from "oh, we'll get to it" to "oh, gosh, is that his feces spewing from his mouth?"

Why, yes. Yes, it is.

"Why is this happening?" yelled his daughter, as she wiped some of her father's feces from the side of her neck.

"We're going to get him transferred to surgery."

"Could you help me clean up first?"

"No, first I'm going to get a surgeon on the phone so we can get this taken care of, now."


  1. Good God.

    Heard about it, never seen it, don't really want to.

  2. Oh, and in case you hadn't already realized it, surgeons are the Kings of Turfing. Not surprised they delayed it as long as they possibly could.

  3. I never had read about the possibility that a patient could vomit up their own feces, and I would have thought someone made it up to gross me out. Gosh, I hope I never have to see my dad do that.

  4. And here I thought South Park was just fiction.

  5. Saw it for the first time just a few weeks ago. The smell was horrifying, worse than melena. Anyway...