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Sunday, March 20, 2011

I start getting two-day weekends and suddenly posts don't get written. A few days into my month of outpatient and I can actually see daylight. How about that? I can even plan activities outside of work. I mean, in theory. In practice, I'm still catching up on sleep and trying to finish a book I started reading in December. Or was it November? Or July? Who knows. I don't even know what I'm reading anymore if it's not medical. I have dreams about chronic urinary tract infections. Not mine. Patients. Patients' chronic urinary tract infections.

Last week was Match Day, where fourth-year med students found out where they're going for residency. The hospital sent out a list of everyone who'll be starting in July. A couple of people from my medical school. Didn't know them. Hard to know people two years below you. They're having a celebratory dinner tomorrow night for med students in the area who got into our program. We're urged to go if we're on outpatient. It's a free dinner. I'll probably go. Part of me wants to scare them. Now that they're stuck and everything-- no turning back. "Oh, the hours are great-- you thought we were maxed at 80 a week? No, that's just for dermatology. We do 125." "Nurses? Nope, no nurses. We have to do everything ourselves. Including medical billing. An entire month of billing. It's a great rotation."


  1. Hahahaha...I would totally do that if I were you. :)

    Find a date! Talk to girls, you do remember how to talk to girls right? :)

    Your Faithful Follower

  2. Oh man... the billing thing?! That's just cruel! :D