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Friday, April 2, 2010

We had a two-hour lecture this morning... about diarrhea. Complete with slide show.

Seriously, there are days this feels like a pretty lousy profession. All we do is deal in people's yuck. Their discharges, and pustules, and mucus, and blood, and vomit, and bile, and poop. Oh boy. If you have something disgusting going on with your body, you come see me, and I have to look at it, and think about it, and revisit it in my nightmares. No one ever comes to us with pleasant problems to solve. There are very few clean illnesses. And, in fact, the 'clean' illnesses are usually the worst ones. Neurological issues, degenerative diseases, etc. From a patient's perspective, you want the messy ones. Or at least some of them. The messy ones we can sometimes solve. You have blood, we have stitches. You have poop, we have medicine. You have something we can't see? You might be in trouble. But it can get really stinky and gross, very very quickly. I have a weak stomach. I get woozy. It's not the best trait for a doctor, I know. Diarrhea is really disgusting.


  1. Do you have m&m's about patients that you have treated too?

  2. I once worked for a dentist. He insisted the entire office go along to his CME sessions. I once spent a day at the LAX Mariott listening to a lecture about pyorrhea. With plenty of slides on a big, big screen. I was the financial secretary.