* * Anonymous Doc: "Why'd You Kick Him Out of Office?"

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Why'd You Kick Him Out of Office?"

"Do you know what year it is?"

"Uh... I don't remember."

"What month?"


"Who's the President?"


"Well... you're close.  Bush was the last President, but who's the President now?"

"Wait, you kicked him out of office?"

"No, there's a different President, it's not Bush."

"Why'd you kick him out of office??"

"I didn't do anything, I promise.  I'm just trying to see how your memory is."

"My memory is fine-- now why did you go and kick Bush out of office?  What did he do to you?"

"He didn't do anything to me.  So you don't know who the current President is?"

"It's still Bush.  Where I live, it's Bush."

"No, the President is Barack Obama."

"I knew he was running.  I didn't know he won.  Why'd you kick Bush out of office?"

"His term was up.  He couldn't be President anymore."

"That doesn't matter."

"Yes, it does."

"Maybe to you and whoever you were working with to kick him out of office.  Not to me."

"Okay, I want to move on to listening to your lungs.  Is that okay?"


"I want to see how you're breathing."

"Okay, but only for a minute."


"I still don't know why you kicked him out of office."

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  1. Wow, you must be a pretty powerful person to be able to singlehandedly impeach the president, lol