* * Anonymous Doc: Falling

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


"Doc, I have a question.  When I fall, why do I always fall backwards?"

"How often are you falling?"

"Oh, all the time.  But always backwards.  Is there a reason?"

"There probably is, but I'm more worried about why you're falling in general than the direction of your falls specifically.  I think I should probably do a fuller examination and see how your balance is, and what's making you fall."

"I never fall forwards."


"And usually it happens when I've been drinking."

"Oh.  That may be part of the problem.  How much are you drinking?"

"Hard to say.  It varies."

"Give me an estimate."

"A few glasses of wine a day?"

"That is too much."

"But I've always enjoyed a glass of wine."

"A glass may be okay.  Maybe.  A few is too many.  Not good.  Definitely contributing to falling, and probably to other problems as well."

"I don't drive when I'm drinking."

"Well, that's certainly good for everyone else on the road, but that doesn't make the drinking not a problem.  I think you need to significantly cut back."

"And then I'll only fall forwards?"

"No, hopefully you won't fall at all.  I still want to do some balance testing."

"Also, I heard you should just let yourself fall naturally instead of trying to brace your fall.  Is that true?"


"Why not?"

"It's better to fracture your wrist or your arm than your hip or your head.  So you should brace your fall."

"Even if I'm falling backwards?"

"Especially if you're falling backwards.  You don't want to hit your head if there's a way to avoid it."

"My head's hard."

"Yes, but easily damaged."

"Did I ask you why I always fall backwards?"

"Yes, that's how we started this conversation."


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  1. Maybe the uni-directional falls are because of the earth's rotation...like how toilets flush differently depending on the hemisphere...