* * Anonymous Doc: How To Survive Overnight Call

Friday, June 1, 2012

How To Survive Overnight Call

In the spirit of this being the start of the last month of residency, I thought I might try and make a few flow charts to help future residents deal with some key situations that come up.

This is my first time trying to make a flow chart, so I apologize for the lack of graphical excitement.  I'll work on it in the future.  Happy to take suggestions for other topics (though I have a few ideas).  I used Diagramly for this, and am pretty happy with it, but if anyone knows of any better tools, I'm all ears.

Click to make it bigger.


  1. i just texted my resident, he said he's too tired, so i told him go to sleep. he said "can't sleep...too busy..."
    i am thinking if i should forward your chart to him...just hope it will help!

  2. oh, forget to say, congrats!!!
    you will be back to normal life, you will be able to sleep as much as you want, you will enjoy the movie you like...
    life is beautiful!!!

  3. Pretty funny...and pretty accurate.

  4. Hmm... I feel like it's the "get some sleep" box that should be almost impossible to get to and all the rest of the boxes should end up at "hold your poop, return to step 1"... "NO SLEEP FOR YOU! Return to step 1"... "Really, your pager is not buzzing? Repair pager, return to step 1".