* * Anonymous Doc: How Do Residents Spend Their Day?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

How Do Residents Spend Their Day?

I'm moving from flowcharts to pie charts.  Perhaps you might enjoy...


  1. pie charts is so much better...
    i didn't find sleeping, eating food, using restroom...in your chart, you guys are awesome,lol~

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  3. I am enjoying your flow and pie charts. Very nice work. I had to look very closely at that pink sliver, the smallest one...oh yes, practicing medicine! Residents do that??!!

  4. All this, including: Waiting (not so patiently) for the OR turnover time, Changing dressings, making sure the med student didn't kill the patient, Talking to every single family member on the tree about why the patient needs their (insert organ here) removed, forgetting then remembering to use the bathroom.

  5. Hmm, perhaps you can also add: convincing the RN to place the foley, convincing the pharmacy to verify and release the antibiotic, tracking down your patient in ER, and convincing the patient's family that indeed you are old enough to be a doctor!
    ps - great entry!

  6. This is exactly what patients never understand. "You have 14 patients to see during morning ward rounds? Great, so you'll have 30 mins to spend talking with each of them before lunch, right?"

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