* * Anonymous Doc: "So I guess I'll give you feedback... never."

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"So I guess I'll give you feedback... never."

"Hey, I know this is the last week of the rotation, but can I just give you feedback next week?"

"This is actually my last week."

"Oh, you're a third year?"


"You don't seem like a third year."

"Is that my feedback?"


"You want to do feedback now, then?"

"No, I don't want to do feedback now.  What's even the point if you're not gonna be here?"

"I'm gonna be somewhere.  I'd still like the feedback."

"I'm not wasting my time if it's not going to matter to the hospital.  I'll call you with feedback when I have a chance."

"Do you need my number?"


"So you're not actually going to call me with feedback."


"Okay, that's fine.  Is there anything quick that I should work on?"

"That would be feedback.  Sorry."


  1. Poor guy. I can sympathize. I often felt that feedback (both giving and receiving) was one of the most painful elements of academia. If I had a lazy intern who'd forget to write orders, make mistakes and I tell them to clean their act they would write a "feedback" on me stating I need to work on my "people skills". On the other hand once I sent very sick pt (head slumped over and whole body jerks evry 1-2 min)to ER, whose attending got mad about this. Sent pt home on the basis of BP was not too high to be admitted. Then ER attending wrote complaint on me to my clinic attending that I did not manually and personally rechecked BP in my clinic (was done by clinic nurse like 2-3 times). That I sent her pt so she rechecks BP manually and sends pt home. Hello, what happened to mental status change and body shakes? My attednging (who previously agreed with ER transfer) scolded me for not being thorough and not checking manual BP on all my patients. I maintained that pt needed admission based on MS change and possibly sz, but to no avail. I got it ingraved in my permanent record that I resist and do not agree with "feedback".

  2. Don't you have, like, one day left?

    Hope the building doesn't spontaneously combust as you make your grand exit!


  3. two more days...