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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"We think your son might be having a reaction to the pain medication. He's having paranoid delusions, has been very irrational and disturbed. We're hoping it wears off over the next few hours, otherwise we'll have to think about medication options."

"Oh, no, that's just how he is."

"He normally has paranoid delusions?"

"Oh, yes, all the time."

"And is he on any medication? Does he see a psychiatrist?"

"Oh, no, we don't believe in any of that."

"So he just walks around at baseline completely out of touch with reality, and you've never sought treatment?"

"Both of my sons are like that. It's just how they are."

"You realize there is likely help that doctors could provide, and their delusions could be controlled, and they could live more normal lives without the anxiety that their mental illnesses are likely causing?"

"I don't want to start playing around."

"No, we can really help them. It's not playing around. Is your son even able to function normally?"

"He lives with me. We get along just fine."

"Does he have a job?"

"No, he could never have a job with the way he thinks."

"We could help with that."

"I'm not going to start experimenting on my children."

"It's not experimentation. They likely have diagnosable and treatable psychiatric disorders."

"I don't like to talk about that."

"Their lives don't have to be this way."

"We're fine."

"I want to get a psych consult and have someone talk to you about possible options."

"We'll just take more pain medication. But thank you for the concern."


  1. Do you feel honored? Having now spoken with Michele Bachmann, I mean.

  2. Faegan Harti I love you.

  3. So, load them up with Fentanyl and boot them out into the world?

  4. Can you really do that? Just give them pain meds since mom declined everything? What happens when she dies and her adult children, unmedicated and psychologically unstable, are left alone? Who will know to call social services rather than the police when they have their inevitable freak-out?

    This is dangerous and wrong on so many levels. Can't you call social services yourself? Isn't this neglect of a sort?

  5. Sounds like the mental illness runs in the family...

  6. That's so sad. The family probably has a very nightmarish idea I'd what treatment means for their sons. Maybe they've heard horror stories or had bad experiences of their own. If only someone could reach out and educate them.

  7. Goddamn negligence!

  8. You can't force someone into treatment. The best you can do is obtain a temporary detaining order to a psych facility, but in order to do that you usually need to demonstrate (to a magistrate or judge) that the person is either imminently dangerous or is grossly unable to care for his/herself.