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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Someone e-mailed asking what happened to my personal life. That is, where it went, since it hasn't been on the blog in a while.

I can't have a personal life. 6 days a week, 14 hours a day, I can't have a personal life.

When I was on outpatient, I could complain that I didn't have a personal life, because I had time to have one if I was able to craft one for myself. But now, when can I have a personal life? I get home, I eat dinner, I go to sleep, repeat. I went to see a comedy show the other night with a couple of other interns and I feel asleep. In a chair. In a comedy club. For an hour. Without waking up. And when I did wake up-- the other interns I went with were also asleep.

Part of the blame surely goes to the comedians-- they were terrible. But most of it is, hey, we're tired. Not only are the days long, but they're draining. There's no down time. There's no surfing the web. Okay, there's a little bit of blogging, and the occasional e-mail. But it's mostly not about us, it's about the patients. And that gets tiring. So when I get home, and I try to get the energy to make a bowl of pasta or heat up some chicken-- that's about all I have the energy to do.

I don't have a two-day weekend again until September. September! All summer, I don't have a two-day weekend. Let alone a vacation. Personal life? I barely have time to read about who gets kicked off American Idol.

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