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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I see a nurse's aide in a scrub top feeding one of my patients, as I'm doing my pre-rounds, so I go over to check on her.

"How's she doing today? We want to take her for a scan later if she's up to it."

"Oh, she's not doing well at all. Seems like she's completely out of it."

"But she's eating?"

"A little."

"When you get a chance, if you could also check on the guy in 314?"

"Sure, absolutely."

"He needs to be drinking more water-- if he's not, I want to start him on IV fluids, so let me know how he's doing?"

"Yes, sure."

Ten minutes later, I see her come out of the room and head toward the other patient.

And I happen to notice this "nurse's aide" is wearing a visitor badge.

I *run* from the call room and catch up to her.

"Wait-- you're a nurse's aide, right?"

"No, no, I was just visiting my mother, down the hall."

"Wait, wait-- what? But you were feeding someone else--"

"Yes, I noticed when I walked by that she didn't have anyone to feed her, so I just thought I would help."

"And now you were going to go check on the guy in 314 -- why didn't you tell me you didn't work here?"

"I just thought you needed help."

"I do, but-- this isn't your job. You shouldn't be doing this. We have staff to do this. Go visit your mother."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, absolutely."

Lesson: not everyone wearing a scrub top works in the hospital.
Lesson: our visitors are more helpful than some of our nurses.
Lesson: I should make sure people work here before giving them assignments.
Lesson: before I start talking to someone about a patient, I should make sure they work here.

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