* * Anonymous Doc: "No one called me back"

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"No one called me back"

"Doc, I left a message with your answering service on Saturday and no one called me back. All weekend I waited-- and nothing. You know, I've recommended this practice to friends, I've told people how wonderful, how responsive you are, and then to wait for a call back and not get one is really disappointing. You didn't know if it was an emergency or what, you didn't care to check if I was okay. I should tell your supervisor.  Better yet, I should find a new doctor. I hope you have some sort of explanation for this."

"I did call you back.  We spoke on Saturday. You told me about your rash. I said I'd look at it today."

"Oh... yeah, wait, I think you're right."


"Still, you should have called me back faster."


  1. Lol, in your face. Take that!

  2. How dare you not respect the urgency of my rash LOL