* * Anonymous Doc: IV Drug Use

Saturday, February 16, 2013

IV Drug Use

Just going down a standard history...

"Any smoking or drinking?"

"No, not at all."

"So I'm sure no IV drug use?  Just have to check the box on the form...."


"You use IV drugs?"

"Well, my husband does...."

"Your husband uses IV drugs?"

"Sure, we have an IV pole in the basement and everything."

"When I said IV drugs, I mean like heroin.  Illegal drugs."

"Oh, no, I was talking about antibiotics."

"Yeah, that's fine."

"I think it's vancomycin."

"Yeah, that's fine."


  1. Be careful with your leading questions. If you ask questions like that, you're less likely to get honest answers.

  2. I discovered your blog recently, hence the late comment.

    Just wanted to share - I was taking a history from a newly turned teen coming with jaundice. I kicked out his parents and asked some private questions. To my "Have you ever used IV drugs?" He looked guilty and said "Yes." Me, surprised, "What kind and when?" He said "I think it was morphine. It was when I broke my leg last year." I knew he was honest then. (It was autoimmune)