* * Anonymous Doc: Beep.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


"Man, that's a nice beeper," said the guy lurking in the parking garage.

"Uh, yeah.  Thanks."

"Where'd you get that beeper?"

"I'm a doctor.  It's for work."

"Yeah, yeah, but where'd you get it?"

"I got it from the hospital.  They gave it to me."

"The hospital gives out beepers?"

"To the doctors, yeah."

"So if I walk in, and I tell them I'm a doctor-- they'll give me a beeper?"

"No.  They give beepers to the doctors who work there.  So that we can get calls from our patients."

"So they're not just giving them away to everyone?"


"Is there like a special sale or something, when they give them to whoever comes in?"


"So I just need to become a doctor, and then I can get one."

"Uh, yeah.  I guess so."

"Cool.  Cool.  You know if the hospital's looking for any new doctors?"

"I don't know.  Sorry."

"Yeah, maybe I'll check it out."

"Great.  Good luck."

"Cool beeper though.  Really cool."



  1. i knew it!!! i knew there must be a reason that people are crazy about becoming a doctor, the free beeper...

  2. I would've gladly give him Doc H's... for FREE!

  3. Those suckers are actually $300 to replace because they're so 1980s that no one else uses/makes them anymore.

  4. He can have mine with pleasure- maybe he'd also love reviewing confused old people who've fallen over in the night

  5. Ah, beepers...Relics of technology which have somehow managed to survive and eek out an existence in the dank confines of hospital wards, long after drug dealers and other mainstream pager users realized there was better technology available. Quite durable, though. Once dropped the code pager in the toilet...still worked!

  6. actually you can usually also get a pager if you work for Residence Life... and if you have problems with it, they send you to the hospital because they're the only ones who actually know how they work!!