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Friday, July 27, 2012

"Almost all of my patients have..."

"Yeah, this month has been really interesting.  Almost all of my patients have had AIDS."

"Wow.  I wouldn't think it would be so common."

"Yeah, it seems like once people reach a certain age-- they all have AIDS."

"So even the older patients?"

"Especially the older patients.  Some of them have had AIDS for years."

"And it doesn't kill them?"

"Keeps a lot of people alive."


"Yeah, AIDS.  Although the treatment can really vary.  Some people-- wonderful.  Others are very angry with their AIDS."

"I'd be angry if I had AIDS."

"I'd be more frustrated and disappointed than angry, I think."

"And you're saying that even the elderly can go for years--"

"Definitely.  Years and years with their AIDS, absolutely.  Becomes like part of the family."

"The AIDS?"

"Yes, the AIDS.  You know, most of the time, it's AIDS from overseas."

"They go to a foreign country and get AIDS?"

"No, no, they get the AIDS here. But originally."

"Well, yeah, they say AIDS started in Africa."

"Sure, some of them."

"And sometimes the AIDS-- terrific, really great.  But, you know, sometimes the AIDS just sit around and watch TV all day."


"The AIDS watch TV."

"Oh-- wait-- do you mean aides?  Like, home health aides?"

"Of course.  What did you think we were talking about?" 


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  2. There's a South Park episode that rehashes this exact joke for like thirty minutes. I think it's call Jared Has AIDS. (In case you're not a fan, the joke is that Jared from Subway admits he got thin because of aides and not just Subway sandwiches. But you'll never guess what everyone thinks he meant.)