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Thursday, October 20, 2011

You'd think doctors would get out of jury duty.

People got out for having doctor's appointments! I wanted to stand up and say, "you have one doctor's appointment-- I have forty doctor's appointments!" I got questioned for three different cases, finally excused because, hey, guess what, no one wants a doctor on a personal injury case because I might actually be able to make up my own mind about whether someone is injured or not.

I suppose I appreciate the idea of the jury system, and that if I were ever accused of a crime, I'd want-- no, wait, no. Having seen who actually serves on the jury, if I'm accused of a crime-- assuming I'm innocent-- I want a judge deciding my fate, not some random people who couldn't come up with excuses why they can't serve on a jury. I want someone who's trained to hear cases deciding whether I did it or not, someone who is (hopefully) a little harder to sway than a jury of the retired and unemployed.

For one of the cases, I was asked, "have you ever had an elbow injury?" One of the prospective jurors said, yes, he broke his shoulder.

I ended up excused before the trial started, because of a scheduling conflict. Sorry for the lack of posts. Normal posting will resume tomorrow.

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  1. I got called for jury duty in college, while I was also studying for the MCAT, and they didn't care. Luckily all the cases were dismissed. Glad you made it out!