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Friday, October 21, 2011

Ethical question.
An e-mail to all residents from the program director-- i.e., our boss--

"Just wanted to let everyone know about a Lupus Walk I'm doing next weekend. Would like to invite everyone to check out the website and hopefully donate a few dollars for the cause. Thanks.

Also, if anyone wants to make an appointment to talk about their fellowship recommendation letter, let me know."

Of course it's all well-meaning, but is there not a little bit of coercion when your boss asks you to donate to a cause-- and then mentions those fellowship recommendation letters in the same e-mail??


  1. Too funny. There is more than just a little bit of coersion, which gives you leverage for getting an awesome letter without donating. I'd hit "reply" and point out what he just did - if he doesn't give you a good letter it can be construed as retaliation.

  2. Just donate a couple of dollars! cheap ass

  3. Haha, clearly a cause close to his heart...

  4. Could be the director is just testing for who can be bullied and who can not. If you donate you can expect more of the same.

    - KrisW

  5. Reply with "Thanks for telling me about such a great opportunity - I'll have to check it out.".

    Then lie about actually donating.

  6. hm. total conflict of interest there...it's like having faculty ask for volunteers for a research study, and then remind you that grades are posted next week. while it's probably innocent -- a "what do i need to talk to this group of people about? i'll do it all at once so i don't forget" -- but still, inappropriate on their part.