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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trying to transfer a patient to a hospice facility. The social worker comes back and says, "they will only take her if you can guarantee she will die within the next 60 days."

And how would you like me to do that?

Talked to the attending, he told me to guarantee it, what's the difference. Not like they're going to smother her if she's still alive in two months. Unless they do. Or they try and give her back.

As if the hospice facility should really get to be so selective. This isn't med school admissions we're talking about. Oh, we only want the best hospice patients, the ones least likely to tie up our beds for so long. Not sure what the Medicaid reimbursement looks like, maybe they get more up front and so it's more economical to have lots of turnover? I assume that's what's going on, otherwise I have no idea why they would care. Someone have a reservation for August? Gonna be dying in a couple months and want to stake out a bed in advance?

So we sent her over there, where she's sure to get amazing care, since the incentives are so very well aligned... argh.

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