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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A family comes in with elderly man, slurred speech, some paralysis on one side, pretty standard presentation of stroke.

"He has heat stroke?" they ask.

"No, not heat stroke. Stroke."

"Yes, heat stroke."

"No, regular stroke."

"He has stroke from heat."

"No. Stroke from problem with blood vessels in the brain."

"From the heat. He get better when it cools down."

"No, this is not heat stroke. This is stroke. They are different."

"But it's so hot, and he was fine before."

"It is hot, but this is not related to the heat."

"That seems impossible. We think it is heat stroke."

"It's regular stroke."

"We just think he's too hot."

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  1. Sadly, knowing the level of intellect found in some hospitals, it's a bit difficult to tell which part is saying which lines ;-)