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Monday, August 10, 2009

My med students think I'm important.

It's really a mistake.

I have no power.

I don't even evaluate them.

Not that it would matter much even if I did.

But they don't get it. They think when I ask them what the differential diagnosis is on a particular patient, they think it's a quiz. They think I know the right answer. They think I'm testing them. I'm not! I want to know what they think! Because I HAVE NO IDEA.

When they ask me if they can leave, and I say I don't care if they leave, that's not an invitation to leave. Because I'm not their boss. They don't have to explain to me that they've been sitting around for three hours without anything to do, and they really need to study for the boards. I sympathize, but I have no power. I'm waiting for someone to tell me I can leave, too.

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  1. this one made me chuckle ... esp since I'm a 4th year medical student. At least you don't seem like a arrogant intern. I have come across a few interns that feel like they are the smartest thing and try to torture medical students. Like come on dude- you were just a 4th year med student, get off your high horse.