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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Everyone ends up wearing scrubs when we're there overnight-- easier to sleep in, easier to shuffle down the hall in when there's an emergency (or just an overcaffeinated resident-- see my previous post) at 2AM.

Here's a reason not to.

Was at a gas station on my way home from my shift, still wearing scrubs. Am pumping gas, and the guy at the next pump yells to me: "you a doctor?"

"Yeah," I make the mistake of answering.

He comes over, shows me a cut on his arm. "I got this thing on my arm, you think it's infected?"

"I don't know, you should get a doctor to take a look."

"That's what I'm doing!"

"No, not at a gas station. If you're worried about it, go see your doctor."

"That's all I get? You can't examine it or something?"

"I'm sorry, you should go see your doctor."

And then he walks away, annoyed at me.

That's what I get for wearing my scrubs.

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