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Thursday, August 20, 2009

I saw a cockroach in the call room.

I swear it was like 4 inches long.

In a hospital.

It's bad enough that whenever I'm on overnight call it seems like the resident in charge decides to amp up her caffeine intake and want to stay up all night checking and re-checking test results that we can't act on until the morning anyway because the rest of the hospital staff is home sleeping.

But, in the two hours I can actually sleep-- to now discover the call room has roaches-- disgusting.

I'm worried they're going to crawl into my backpack and I'm going to inadvertently take them home with me.

I'm worried they're going to crawl on me during the night.

And, frankly, I'm completely repulsed that in a HOSPITAL, this is okay.

Hospitals should be clean.

If I were a patient, and saw a cockroach, and was in any condition to change hospitals, I would.

If I were a real doctor, sending my patients to a hospital, I wouldn't send them to the place with cockroaches.

Enjoy your hospital food, patients. Because if there are bugs in the call room, where there is and has never been any food, I can't imagine what the kitchen looks like.

I wish the health department would shut the hospital down and let me go home and sleep.

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  1. That's funny that you wish the hospital would be shut down. :)

    I am falling in love with your blog. You are an extremely kind, focused, driven individual...with an obsession for sleep. I wish I could meet you sometime.