* * Anonymous Doc: "What's the point?"

Thursday, October 25, 2012

"What's the point?"

I'm testing a new patient for dementia.  Her family says they think she may be depressed.

"Can you count backwards from a hundred, by sevens?"

"100, 93, 86, whatever, who cares what's next...."

"Do you know who the President is?"

"Does it matter who the President is?  They all do the same garbage."

"Do you know the year?"

"One year later than last year.  Ugh."

"Can you write a sentence on this piece of paper?  Any sentence you want."

Writes: "What's the point?"

"Do you think you may be depressed?"

"No.  Who told you that?  My daughter?  She stinks.  My fault, of course."


  1. sounds more like she had irritable syndrome. No organs involved... well, maybe the brain.

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