* * Anonymous Doc: "Urgent Question For Doctor"

Saturday, September 8, 2012

"Urgent Question For Doctor"

I got an urgent page from a patient.  I call back the first chance I have, about ten minutes after I get the message.

"I got the message you called-- I'm sorry it took a few minutes."

"That's okay.  I have an urgent question."

"Okay, what's going on?"

"I wanted to know how Medicare will be affected if Obama becomes President."

"That's your urgent question."


"For your doctor to answer."


"Obama is already the President."

"Oh.  Is he?  The election already happened?"

"No, he got elected in the previous election."

"Oh.  And how is my Medicare doing?"

"It's okay."

"Is something going to change?"

"No.  Are you feeling okay?"

"For now."

"Are you taking all of your medication?"

"Yes.  When I remember."

"Are you still living alone."


"I'm going to give your daughter a call, is that okay?"


"For now on, only tell the answering service your message is urgent if it is a medical question.  I'm not the right person to answer questions about your health insurance, okay?"


"I'll see you at your next appointment."


  1. Does this happen often? Not only do you have to study medicine but politics too now....

  2. Holy shit, I've heard it all!

  3. Aw thats really cute, the way U answered. Ur really a kind doc.