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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

3:46 AM

Me: "Hey, I was just here about that consult ten minutes ago. I left the patient's chart at the nurse's station. Have you seen it?"

Nurse: "No, sorry. Which patient?"

Me: "I don't remember the name. But I was just here, 10 minutes ago. It was, uh, chest pain. Older man, alcoholic."

Nurse: "That's, like, everyone. I wasn't here, I don't know. Let me ask the other nurse."

Me: "Okay, thanks."

Other Nurse: "No, doc, I don't know, you haven't been here for hours."

Me: "No, I was here 10 minutes ago."

Other Nurse: "I was here 10 minutes ago. I didn't see you."

Me: "I went right to the room. Then I entered an order in the computer, but left the folder."

Other Nurse: "We don't have the folder. You don't remember the patient's name?"

Me: "Robert something, I think."

Other Nurse: "Roger Jones?"

Me: "Sure. Maybe."

Other Nurse: "He died."

Me: "What?"

Other Nurse: "Three hours ago."

Me: "I know the guy who died three hours ago. I ran that code. This is a different guy. This guy wasn't dead, ten minutes ago."

Other Nurse: "Then I don't know who you mean. What room was it?"

Me: "I don't know. 613, maybe? 615? 617?"

Other Nurse: "You mean 913, 915, 917?"

Me: "No, I mean 6--"

Other Nurse: "You're on 9."

Me: "What??"

Other Nurse: "You're on 9, not 6."

Me: "Oh, stupid, ugh. It's 4 in the morning and I'm half asleep. I'm sorry about that. I'm on the wrong floor."

Other Nurse: "Don't worry about it."

Me: "They shouldn't make all the floors look the same. It's confusing."

Other Nurse: "Get some sleep, doc."


  1. Bless your heart, you do need some sleep! But you're right about all the floors looking the same. Maybe they should paint the hallways different colors. Then you might remember it was the patient on the pale blue floor, not the yellow one.

  2. I work in a 6 story building and floors 3-6 pretty much look the same, especially right as you exit the elevator. I know I'm not the only one who gets off on the wrong floor occasionally (usually because I'm not paying attention). At least the some of the floor tiles are different colors (like the 6th floor is pink, 5th floor is light blue, etc).

    I've had people (who know which floor I work on) tell me "uh, this is the wrong floor". It's embarrassing, and I don't have lack of sleep as an excuse! :)

  3. Ok, sorry, but that's just embarrassing man.

    How is your personal life? Been dating anyone recently?