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Sunday, June 20, 2010

On Friday we had an orientation to prepare us for the start of second-year. They had all of the interns gather in a conference room, and we talked about the responsibilities of being a resident, having to motivate the new interns, etc.

Today I found out that while we were all in the orientation, and the residents were pulling double-duty for a few hours to cover for us, there was a code called in one of the hospitals.

And there weren't enough doctors around to perform CPR.

And the patient died.

Because we were all in orientation.

This shouldn't be funny-- this isn't funny-- except it is. "Why'd the patient die?" "Not enough doctors." "Where were the doctors?" "Orientation."


  1. Since when do doctors do CPR? We definitely leave that to nurses, techs, etc. One good 2nd year should be able to run a code just fine. We do it in the emergency department with 1 resident, 2 nurses, and 2 techs with the attending watching and supervising.

  2. Yea....Sounds like somebody was trying to inflate the fragile intern ego. "you guys are so important, people will instantly die in your absence". You were right, this is funny.