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Sunday, January 10, 2010

After today's shift is finished, I will be on vacation for my assigned two week block. It's great to have vacation right after everyone I know who isn't a doctor has already taken vacation for the holidays and is back at work without any time to hang out.

I have big plans to sleep, visit my family, and read at least a couple of books that aren't about diagnosing and treating medical conditions. I will also clean my apartment and buy more ketchup, which I've been trying to find time to do for the past three weeks but instead I end up taking tomato paste and mixing it with maple syrup to get a sort of ketchup-like slurry that approximates the taste pretty well.

The past couple of weeks haven't been too bad. I like the people on my team, which I'm starting to realize makes all the difference. It's like any other job-- you like the people you're working with, it makes the days a lot easier. Sort of.

More later.


  1. Have a great vacation! You deserve it.

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    2010 Missionary Doc in the Making