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Friday, November 27, 2009

In the hospital early this morning to round on my patients, hoping to get out of here by lunchtime-- was lucky enough to have Thanksgiving off, which means I'm working the next three days. I came back into the call room pretty pleased with myself after visiting my first patient, told my resident--

Me: "Mr. Smith just said he thinks I'm a terrific doctor."

Resident: "You do realize Mr. Smith is demented, right?"

Thanks. Thanks for killing my one moment of good feeling at six in the morning. Of course I know Mr. Smith is demented, but that doesn't mean he can't be right sometimes. So what if he thinks it's 1975 and Nixon is the President (...which he wasn't anymore in 1975, so besides having no idea what year it is, Mr. Smith also apparently didn't read the newspaper back in the '70s...), he can still think I'm a good doctor.


  1. Don't let the douche resident take away the small moments which make you smile. I am starting internship next year and I'm sure my experience won't be too different from yours in many ways. I'm dreading the lonely factor. I really hope I make some friends or better yet, meet a girl I like.

  2. Sounds like something House would say.