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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Last precious hours of vacation.

I had a phone call this afternoon with the intern whose spot I'll be taking tomorrow, to find out who my patients are, get some background, and see what I'll have to do in the morning. I've got one projectile vomiter, one woman with a crazy family, and a guy who seems unlikely to last the week, unfortunately.

In a way, I'm excited to go back. My life just isn't that interesting on vacation. I don't know how people stand to be unemployed or underemployed or retired. Maybe they have hobbies. Maybe they have friends who don't work either. Maybe they have enough money to do things besides sit in their apartments, or walk around the block. I guess any of those things would help make life less dull. But me, I have the job, and at least for now, that's about all I have.

I was at a party over the weekend. Met a friend of a friend. He asked what I do, I said I'm a first-year resident. He asked if I've killed anyone. First question. This is polite conversation? I really wanted to say yes, just to get a reaction. Although thinking about it, what I should have said was "not yet, but I'm hoping to get a chance tonight." And then give him a look.

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