* * Anonymous Doc: Water Pills

Monday, July 22, 2013

Water Pills

"It's pretty hot out, so you should make sure you're drinking enough water."

"I don't like to drink water."

"Well, it's important.  You need to."

"Can't I just take a water pill instead?"

"You mean a diuretic?"

"Sure, whatever."

"I think you're misunderstanding what those kinds of pills do.  They make your body get rid of water.  They're the opposite of what you need when I'm telling you that you might be dehydrated.  You need to drink water."

"I thought those pills were just water in pill form."

"Think about whether that makes sense."

"I don't know.  They make everything into pills these days."

"A pill is not a substitute for drinking water.  Please drink water."

"Can I drink ice water instead?"

"Yes, ice water is fine.  Ice is just water in another form."

"I thought you said water doesn't come in other forms."

"I said it doesn't come in pills.  Ice water is fine."

"The rules are very confusing."

"I'm sorry.  Stay hydrated."


  1. That's too funny, a sure play of words.

  2. Is this for real???? This is a conversation that you really had with someone???? I am speechless.

    Honestly, how does someone get through life, pay bills, buy a home, have a job, raise a family and ask a question like that?

    1. Re my comment "is this for real...." I think he had to be playing with you. No one can be that ignorant. Can they?

  3. "Think about whether this makes sense"
    Come on...you're in your FELLOWSHIP! You've had years of medical school, rotations, residency, and now even more dealing with the public. Don't you know by now that uttering such a statement is a waste of breath?!?